Campamento Vacacional San Clemente is a new arts and culture summer camp in the indigenous  Kichwa-Karanki community of San Clemente, Ecuador. The camp is a space where the community participates in the education of its children and the reconstruction and representation of its heritage. We welcome sixty students, and with the support of local youth leaders and assistant leaders, visiting volunteers and guest instructors, we offer traditional artisanship, games, music and food, language learning, painting, photography, theatre, creative writing and storytelling and hikes and excursions. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and we are looking forward to what next summer will bring.

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For more information about San Clemente: Tradiciones San Clemente

Campamento San Clemente 2012 received support from the Compton Foundation‘s Mentor Fellowship, the organization ProNiño, the City of Ibarra, the military base at Yaguachi, and the parochial government of La Esperanza, as well as  your support. Thank you.

Questions/Comments?  Email emma.coatesfinke[at]gmail.com, or fill out the contact form below.

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